I Wanna Rock School of Music

Summer Rock School


Be in a Band,

Learn to Rock,

Play a Concert

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 Summer Rock School


Rock school is an intense, fast paced, fun, butt kicking course, that really challenges you to become a better player and better overall musician. Not for slackers!
You have 8 days to kick your playing up several notches so you can put on a professional concert in front of friends, family, and complete strangers!

We will show you
  • how to rehearse properly and learn songs
  • how to set up equipment for rehearsal and concerts (amps,effects,drums,microphones,sound systems etc..)
  •  playing with others in a band and what your supposed to do
  • how to help with stage fright
  • tips and tricks from pros
  • live stage techniques and equipment use
  • what it takes to put on a concert and perform
  • and lots of other things!

The course is taught by professional instructors, who are also professional musicians that have played some of the largest stages and along side some of the biggest names in the industry.

Our core instructors are:

Jay Stevens: Bass guitarist for Canadian Juno Nominated blues guitarist David Gogo. Jay is also a guitarist, vocalist and keyboard player in several bands. He has extensive live performance experience playing the biggest stages along side an impressive list of musicians. He's also been a clinician and instructor for over 20 years.

Spencer Bowman: Drummer for "The Body Politic" , Spencer also has extensive live performance experience, as well as being a first call studio musician, clinician, and the busiest drum instructor on Vancouver Island.

Grant Baird: Drummer for David Gogo, Grant is also a talented multi-instrumentalist. When not on tour with David Gogo, Grant is involved in many other projects as a piano player, guitarist, drummer, bass player and vocalist! Grant has been an instructor for our  Rock School since the very first one...14 Rock Schools ago!

Contact Jay at jay@iwannarock.ca or call 250-797-1533

Rock School

The Rock School Program started as an idea of music instructor/musician Jay Stevens, when he realized that most of his private music students have zero experience when it came to performing live onstage with a band.

 Jay has taught professionally since 1993 and in that time has noticed that no music store lesson program taught how to actually perform.

None of the students knew about setting up their equipment on a stage, setting up a  P.A. system, how to play with other musicians... basically they needed to learn how to be in a band. So, he started bringing some of his star students to his gigs and got them up to play.
The response was overwhelming!

This sparked an idea that took a many years of planning and assembling the right instructors. Jay and his group of professional musicians and instructors have come up with a course that teaches everything you need to know to play at a professional level.

From the setup of a basic P.A. for a small gig, to playing on a large stage with professional soundmen, Techniques, Tips, gear, rehearsing, song choice, over coming stage fright.... you'll learn what to do and how to do it.

 You'll also learn about being in a band.

Think about it....

Most people think a group of people get together and suddenly they're a band. Not many people know what to do when you finally find a group of people to play with. You get together and then what? What songs do you want to play, in what key? Who starts the song and even more important how do we end it?

This and much more is covered in the workshop.

The goal of the workshop is to get you playing music!

Not sitting around your room playing make believe with Guitar Hero but playing onstage at a real concert!

On the first day we will form bands and start rehearsing for the big show.

At the end of the course, you will perform onstage at a concert in front of your friends ,family and complete strangers.