I Wanna Rock School of Music

I Wanna Rock

Proudly local owned and independent!

We consider ourselves a school that has a small store, rather than most places that are a huge store that has a small school.

Because of this, our focus is on you learning to play.

This also keeps our prices low, because we don't need to sell things at hugely inflated prices like most stores have to just to survive .

It also allows us the freedom to sell stuff that we actually like and use! Something different from all those big corporate stores that have no soul.




Lesson Info

NO LONG TERM COMMITMENT (you only pay for 1 month at a time)

We provide instruction on the following instruments:

Guitar ( Acoustic and Electric)

Bass (4 & 5 string fretted and fretless)

Upright Bass





Singing ,Vocal Coaching and Songwriting

Our goal is to get you playing now!

Do you want to learn to read music, get a jump start on school or just learn some songs to jam alone or with friends?

Maybe you're already in a band and are looking for a little help to push you closer to your goals, or maybe you feel like you're in a rut and need a kick start to get your creativity flowing.

Maybe you've just always wanted to sing, but lack confidence.

We offer private, one on one lessons and specialize in getting you playing music right away.

Our lessons are tailored to each individual.

You won't be learning from the same old book that your grand-parents tried to learn from. There's no Polly wolly doodle, or Red river valley here.(unless that's what you like)  ACDC and Led Zeppelin is more like it!
(Or Taylor Swift, Johnny Cash, Foo Fighters...whatever you like!)

As a matter of fact, you won't be learning from some old dusty book at all. Each lesson is written out specially for you. If you don't want to learn to read music, you don't have to!

We teach as much or as little theory as you want, and because you're not learning from some generic book, we can change you're lesson style at any time to suit you.

We will customize your lessons to fit your needs, and you will be practicing by playing songs that you actually like! Wow...what a concept! Play songs that you like!

Here's the fine print

Our Lesson policy!

  • Lessons are $20 per half hour ($40 per hour)
  • Lessons are payable by cash or cheque (made out to your instructor) and must be paid for one month in advance
  • Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment in order to have a makeup lesson or a credit.
  • Make up lessons are at the discretion of your instructor and his/her availability
  • Any cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the lesson and no make up time will be scheduled or credit given.
  • Please contact your instructor (phone, email, text) if you need to cancel , even if it's with less than 24 hours notice. We hate it when students just don't show up and don't let us know. Any student who does this twice in a row will be removed from our schedule and will forfeit any lessons they may still have. 
  • Payment for each month's lessons is due the first week of each new month. This will reserve your lesson time for the rest of the month. If you don't pay at the beginning of each month, we won't reserve your lesson spot.
  • If you need to change your lesson time/day either permanently or just for one week, contact your instructor as soon as you can to discuss it. 
  • If you know of upcoming lessons that you can not make (like a holiday for example) let us know before the beginning of the month and we will deduct those lessons from your monthly payment.
  • no refunds are given under any circumstances.