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Ken Ermter



Vocals and Songwriting Coach

35 years of professional performance and training experience

3 years drums/percussion training - Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
3 years Bishop Pinkham Stage Band
1 year Malaspina College Music

Kenneth has always been a singer/performer. Since the tender age of two and a half he has entertained thousands of people all over the world, written over 500 songs, composed and produced over a dozen albums, played in many bands covering every genre, and has shared the stage with bands like:
Prism, National Velvet, Rhymes with Orange, Damn the Diva, Barney Bentall, Phil Dwyer, Jim Byrnes, David Gogo, Alison Crowe, Paul Laine, David Ruis, and Nickleback.

It is his passion to play, but it is his desire to share and impart his musical experience, and teach and help shape the learning musician, in what ever way they want to be shaped.

Kenneth has been providing specialized vocal/song coaching to people young and old for 16 years including, songwriting, arranging, recording, producing, mic control and performance training. There can be so much more to singing than just singing... come and discover what you can do.

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