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Our Story


The I Wanna Rock School of Music was started in April of 2007 by musician/instructor Jay Stevens.

After many years of teaching in various music stores, Jay decided to start his own business and focus more on getting people performing and playing music outside of their bedrooms.  We are proud to be a school first and a retail store second. Our #1 focus is on providing lessons. 

 In the summer of 2006 we organized a highly successful Summer Rock School where students formed bands, learned about playing live, rehearsed and put on a concert.

This was the spark to open our own facility and focus more on performing. In December 2007 we did our 2nd Rock Band Workshop. Students and teachers played together in bands and even appeared on local TV.

Time flies! We've now done 13 Rock School courses and have students waiting for the next one.


Although our main focus is on education, we are also proud to be a locally owned independent music store as well. No corporate agendas, no pushy sales people. Just some local professional gear heads!
Our philosophy for sales centers on 3 key points.
1: sell stuff that we would (and do ) personally use
2: sell things that are different than the big corporate stores
3: service what you sell...no sale is final! You got questions or need help, come see us. 

If you're looking for something different, give us a shout!

Jay Stevens
owner of I Wanna Rock